Seriously Kidding: Blackboard wins award for innovative technology


Nova Southeastern University, revered for its leadership in innovative technology, has just received another award for their use of the online classroom software Blackboard.

“Ironclad Irony” is the title of the National University Technology Network’s (NUTN) newest award category, in which an institution is recognized for their use of some of the most basic technologies. NSU has taken the first award for their use of Blackboard.

“You would think that since the university is so innovative they could find a way to create a new system for operating online class that would make students want to punch themselves in the face,” said Crystal Lozcano, senior political science major. “But I guess that they figured Blackboard is frustrating enough, so why reinvent the wheel?”

Lozcano, who will be graduating in May, said that she will really miss the miniature panic attacks she used to have when Blackboard unexpectedly crashed in the middle of her exams.

The management system for online classes is especially popular with professors.

“I just love the idea that my students will have to search endlessly to find the file folder with class information that I thought I had put on the first page,” said Lee Yolen, biology professor. “I became a teacher so I could make young people cry, and this just makes it easier.”

University administration said they plan to keep the program well into the future. They said they think it will be a nice reminder of the olden times.

“I guess it’ll be neat when the university goes full touch screen, and we can still watch professors struggle to show us the syllabus on Blackboard,” said Edwin McFaulty, freshman psychology major.

McFaulty said he came to NSU because of their dedication to progress. He figured that they would employ a more user-friendly program for their online classes but appreciates the joke they are playing on the student body.

There’s no word yet on how NSU will receive the award, but there’s speculation that the award will arrive by pigeon in three to four months. NUTN said they tip their hat to any university who has the means for digital progress but chooses to use archaic methods. Congratulations, NSU.

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Jenna Kopec is a junior communication major at NSU. She began as a contributing writer for The Current in 2015, became features editor in 2016 and is now co-editor-in-chief.