Seriously Kidding: Professor upset after showing up an hour late to find classroom empty


“An actual disgrace to their entire generation,” said Royale Knot, professor in the department of Literally Any College, referencing her Thursday afternoon class.

Last week, Knot was dismayed to find that only three out of the 25 students she had in the class waited for her to arrive, despite being an hour late.

“It’s just ridiculous to me that these students can’t find time for their own education,” Knot said.

She said she was late because there was a long line at her favorite sandwich stop and on her way back to the university, she stopped to get her nails done. Knot said that what was most upsetting to her was the feeling that students just didn’t respect her time.

Lucas Mind is a sophomore with two jobs and an internship who is also a caretaker for his younger brother. He left Knot’s class after 25 minutes.

“I wanted to wait, I really did,” he said. “But after about 20 minutes, I figured she wasn’t coming and knew I should take the opportunity to write my term paper for another class.”

Knot said that the class was very important. She thoroughly explained a five-point assignment that she later posted on Blackboard anyway. The assignment focused on how society asks young individuals to devote more and more time to work rather than to mental health, developing relationships and being happy.

“I just don’t see how students are so unwilling to commit the time it takes to be a successful university student,” Knot said. “This is such an important topic and I wish we could have had some sort of pre-discussion in class, you know?”

Sophomore Kayla Herseff stayed in the classroom until Knot showed up, but not because she knew the professor was coming.

“Everyone thought I was in class anyway so no one was looking for me,” she explained. “It was nice to just kind of have that time to sit in the quiet without having anyone asking me to do anything. Too bad she showed up.”

Knot said she plans to start a petition for a university rule that punishes students who aren’t in class, no matter what time the professor shows up.