Shark Speak, Sept. 8, 2017


This year, NSU accepted its largest amount of incoming students. In your experience so far, how has this impacted campus life?

IMG_3157Neethu Mathew, freshman biology major:

“It’s made the population much more diverse. I feel like with this large group of incoming freshman there’s definitely people of different cultures coming in and that’s definitely an experience in itself.”

Riya Patel, sophomore biology and behavioral neuroscience major:IMG_3159

“Having a large incoming undergrad class has impacted campus life a lot, by how they interact with others, how they live, because I work with housing, so having triples for Goodwin was rough. Especially the first couple of weeks with all these parents seeing what their student is getting and how they’re living. I think it’s great for the school to be increasing their population, but I just think it would be nice if they had the accommodations for them already and it’s kind of hard because the events and all that stuff need to be tailored to that class size now.”

IMG_3162Jodice Woody, senior business administration major:

“I think it’s great having a bunch of new students, it really shows that the university is growing and it really adds to campus life because it’s just more faces, more people to interact with and take an interest on campus. So I’m excited, I’m excited to see what this year has.”

IMG_3163Bianca Galan, junior communication major: 

“I don’t really feel like it has affected that much, and especially since I’m a communication student, communication classes are super small, and I haven’t felt like even the UC has even been that filled with kids, so I don’t think it has impacted campus life that much.”


Sarah Goltsman, freshman speech, language and communication disorders major:

“I think having this amount of incoming students in the freshman class has been great in terms of increasing people who are in clubs and activities, but in terms of signing up for classes, I’ve noticed that classes like biology and chemistry, that most people need, get filled a lot faster, so people don’t have the opportunity to take them right away.”