Soundbite: “Climate Change” by Pitbull


The Cuban-American hip-hop artist Pitbull released his 10th anticipated album, “Climate Change,” on March 17. His 12-track album features a series of collaborations with powerhouse performers like Robin Thicke, Flo-rida, R. Kelly, Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias and Stephen Marley. His smash hit singles from last year – “Greenlight,” “Messin’ Around” and “Freedom”- are highlighted throughout the album and are a nice mix of pre-released singles.  

The upbeat tempo reflects his continual commercial success in the club scene. The album opens strong with a familiar sample hook, “Love is a Battle Field,” that resonates a memorable chorus line mixed with a strong dance beat. The song “We are Strong” reminds me of the golden age of hip-hop, where popular samples were fused with hip-hop lyrics. This will certainly be his next big hit. The album then continues with his pre-released singles intertwined with a soulful Reggae song, “Options,” featuring Stephen Marley. The song features a relaxing, acoustic melody which has a serenading hook, showcasing Pitbull’s ability to infuse reggae seamlessly into his music.

This cross-over album features versatile collaborations with star-studded artists that infuse hip-hop, pop, dance and reggae. Although this bouncing LP is a great party album, it lacks the storytelling and profound insight of major hip-hop artists. The album also ignores contemporary social issues, despite the title “Climate Change,” which has nothing to do with the album lyrically. Like his previous albums, “Global Warming” and “Globalization,”  this album is not lyrically designed to challenge the status quo but is instead meant to energize the dance crowd and bring commercial success.

The collaborations and eclectic genre infusions make this arguably his best album to date. The upbeat tempo makes it a great album to add to your gym playlist.  Although hip-hop enthusiasts may mock the astuteness of the LP, the album is designed to be uplifting.

Pitbull’s album, “Climate Change,” is worth the listen. Many of the songs are harmonic hits with appealing hooks, like “Sexy Body” featuring Jennifer Lopez, “Only Ones to Know” featuring Leona Lewis and “Dedicated” featuring R. Kelly. He has reinvented his own unique club music that combines and fuses genres from country to hip-hop. It’s a fun album from start to finish that continues to make a splash by bringing an abundance of energy to your day.