Staff picks: What TV show are you most excited to come back this fall and why?

Photo printed with permission from J. Register. From left to right: Nicole Chavannes, Kiara Baptiste, Michaela Greer, Jeweliana Register, Carli Lutz, Jenna Kopec and Christina McLaughlin.

With fall underway, many of our favorite television shows are returning for new seasons. Whether you are a fan of comedy, superhero or murder mystery shows, check out some of the shows our staff is most excited to see air this fall.

Gabrielle Thompson, features editor, said “Shameless”:

“There are many new seasons of great shows coming out this fall, but I have to say that I am most excited to see the new season of ‘Shameless.’ The new season starts Nov. 9. ‘Shameless’ always seems to keep my attention while presenting drama and comedy all in one.”

Jeweliana Register, arts and entertainment editor, said “Riverdale”:

“After binge watching the entire first season of ‘Riverdale’ on Netflix this summer, it’s safe to say I’m hooked. I am not typically into murder mystery shows, but ‘Riverdale’ is an exception. I love the characters and the plotline, and I am counting down the days until it airs on Oct. 11.”

Jenna Kopec, co-editor-in-chief, said “Will & Grace”:

“‘Will & Grace’ is possibly one of my favorite shows of all time. When I heard that the cast was reuniting for a return this fall, I was ecstatic. I’m a little skeptical of shows returning years later, because of things like ‘Fuller House,’ but I fully believe that the writers and cast of ‘Will & Grace’ won’t let me down.”

Nicole Chavannes, copy editor, said “Arrow”:

“This fall I’m probably most excited for ‘Arrow’ season six to premiere. I binge-watched all of the Arrow-verse shows over the summer — ‘Flash,’ ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ and ‘Supergirl’ — but I’m most excited for ‘Arrow’ because last season ended on such a heart-attack inducing cliffhanger. I don’t normally watch shows in real time, but I just can’t wait for it to be available on Netflix this time around. I’m impatiently counting down the days until Oct. 12.”

Carli Lutz, chief of visual design, said “Stranger Things”:

“I’m definitely most excited for the Netflix original series ‘Stranger Things’ to come back on Oct. 27. I absolutely love the series and quickly became an addict after watching the first few episodes. The first time around, I binge-watched all eight episodes in a day and I’ve re-watched the series about 6 times since then. The first season put me on a rollercoaster full of emotions and I’m excited to ride that again. I follow all of the cast on social media and seeing their updates about the release is just getting me more and more stoked for the second season.”

Michaela Greer, co-editor-in-chief, said “Blacklist”:

“I’m actually more of a Netflix gal —at least that’s what I prefer to say given that I don’t have an actual cable subscription. That being said, I am very excited after hearing that NBC’s ‘Blacklist’ is returning this month because that means that the new season will be uploaded soon! Criminal mastermind Raymond Reddington has to be one of my favorite villains ever.”

Christina McLaughlin, opinions editor, said “This Is Us”:

“I’m excited for NBC’s ‘This Is Us’ to come back and grace us with a second season. I usually don’t like to watch cable drama’s but for some reason this show combines the right amount of mystery and light-hearted comedy to leave me on the edge of my seat! You really fall in love with the characters and their storylines. Personally, I’m always one for underdogs and those still trying to find themselves. The experiences these characters go through are very relatable and make it feel like you’re on the journey with them through the laughs and the tears.”

Kiara Baptiste, distribution manager, said “The Walking Dead”:

“The TV show I am most excited for this fall is ‘The Walking Dead.’ It was one of a few shows that my dad and I watched together, so knowing that the show is back gives me something to look forward to at the end of the day. Furthermore, the show itself is just so interesting to me. The storyline and characters are continuously developing and it keeps me on my toes.”