Why it’s all Greek to me

Four years ago, when I was starting my journey into college, I thought Greek life was synonymous with a party lifestyle and would be the worst idea for me if I was serious about going to law school. My perspective quickly changed when my roommate convinced me to go to a rush event.

Greek, Greek, Hooray!

Sept. 9, 2012 was official Bid Day, in which the sororities formally invite the selected members and the new members chose their new Greek family. It is a day of fun, laughter, tears, and heart-felt hugs when the potential new members become sisters of either Sigma Delta Tau, Delta Phi Epsilon, or Phi Sigma Sigma.

NSU social Greek Community in state of gridlock

While what you might see and hear about is the drinking, hazing, parties, irresponsibility and complacency, this is the exception rather than the rule; and I know this because I myself am a “Frat Boy.” I pledged an Interfraternity Conference (IFC) fraternity at my undergraduate institution. And from what I see here, there are three major issues that hamper the advancement of the Greek community at NSU.