What happened to Lindsay?

Lindsay has three younger siblings, all of whom have been forced into acting or modeling in order to make their greedy parents rich. Apparently Michael and Dina Lohan have no talent of their own. So, they have to pimp out their children in order to make a name for themselves. And that, they have done. But it is not a good name.

Sequels, prequels and adaptations: The future of Hollywood

Whether it’s a sequel, a prequel or a squeak-quel, there’s an ongoing and annoying trend in Hollywood. Sadly, that trend is a lack of originality. It seems that every year we see the same movie, only this time around it has an updated title. What it comes down to is us, the audience, giving Hollywood our money for them to regurgitate the same story. Only this time with new, cool special effects that make us say “wow.” But they do this while adding nothing to our intellect or our personal growth.