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Fulbright Scholar Program begins selection

The scholarship program, founded in 1946 by U.S. Senator William Fulbright, is a competitive, merit-based grant program which offers teaching and/or research opportunities to college or university faculty, and administrators, as well as artists, journalists, lawyers and independent scholars. The application deadline for the 2013-14 awards of The Fulbright Scholar Program is Aug. 1.

Facebook is serious business

Facebook has become an integral part of life in the U.S. but it all really is a fad, just like Myspace. Will all this really matter in a few years? Hopefully not.
However, I do have one good thing to say about Mark Zuckerberg and his life-draining website. I am really glad that they have started to stand up for their members and have started to make efforts to keep what you consider private, private.

America pays for the pursuit of coal

I wouldn’t normally say this, but I think I have really started to come around to the idea of alternate energy. Well actually, I am for any kind of energy even nuclear, just not coal. Coal has become one of the biggest nuisances in America’s pursuit to light our homes and charge our iPods.

NSU social Greek Community in state of gridlock

While what you might see and hear about is the drinking, hazing, parties, irresponsibility and complacency, this is the exception rather than the rule; and I know this because I myself am a “Frat Boy.” I pledged an Interfraternity Conference (IFC) fraternity at my undergraduate institution. And from what I see here, there are three major issues that hamper the advancement of the Greek community at NSU.

Diary of… a student who attended a medical convention

Saamia Shaikh is a senior biology major. She is originally from Pakistan, but grew up in Orlando. She is the president of the Pre-Medical Society, as well as the co-president of the Pakistani Student Association. She is also a member of President’s 64 and on the Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences’s Academic Integrity Committee. When Saamia is not studying, she is reading, doing research, volunteering in her community and spending time with friends and family.