Ten cool websites

No longer do you have to call a friend near a modem to get movie times or actually use a map. The entire world can now be found in the palm of your hand. As technology has become increasingly useful so has the content you can access with it. To help you take advantage of these new marvels of technology here are 10 websites that will turn you into a “web 4.0 pro.”

The top ten best (or worst) love songs

Oh, Valentine’s Day. It’s the day when every mushy-gushy love song is played on the radio, in every store and at every restaurant. For some, these songs may make them want to break out in song, and, for others, these songs may make them want to break something. It is only fitting that on Feb. 14, I give you the top 10 love songs. Judge for yourself if this is a best or worst list.