Open Letter to NSU – Shark Catering, Office of Residential Life & Housing

On behalf of the students in the Commons and Goodwin Residential Halls I would like thank those who risked their wellbeing to come to campus and prepare meals for the students during the passing of Tropical Storm Isaac.

Students who reside on campus consider natural disasters a major concern. Many of the residential students, freshman in particular, are not familiar with the local area and many more are unsure about what exactly to do when such natural disasters occur.

Thankfully residential students who weathered Tropical Storm Isaac on campus had their needs met by the courageous staff of Shark Catering and the Office of Residential Life and Housing. The amazing employees of these offices came to work to coordinate, cook, and prepare meals for residential students. The fact that students can rely on the university to provide for them in time of distress reassures the mind of any student who might worry about what to do in a natural disaster.

Prior to Isaac arriving students undoubtedly hurried to local grocery stores to stock up on food that will nourish them in the event of a catastrophe. Thankfully a catastrophe never occurred and students were fine. Howeve, the university closed its campus eateries due to the inclement weather and the protection of its employees.

In response to this the Office of Residential Life and Housing needed to provide its students with a means of sustenance. As a result Shark Catering provided the residential students with prepared meals for two days. This meant that for two days employees of Shark Catering came to work in the tropical storm, risking their own safety, for the sole purpose of catering to the needs of the residential students. For this we are thankful to every employee who assisted in any manner to feed our residential students.

Without the support of Residential Life and Housing and Shark Catering the students in the residential halls would have been left to their own means to provide food for themselves. This means that eithers students risk their wellbeing in the midst of a tropical storm or they live off of what provisions they stowed away in their rooms for either snacks or emergencies.

It is advisable that all students keep a supply of non-perishable foods and drinks in case of disaster; however it’s not always possible for all students to procure such means due to various reasons. Thankfully students can rely on the university and Shark Catering to provide them with balanced meals and water to see them through any disaster that endangers their wellbeing. The passing of tropical storm Isaac banishes any doubt about the ability for NSU to provide for its students and the lengths to which they will go to do so.

As students we understand that the NSU does everything for us. As residential students we understand that our safety is their primary concern, as students we are grateful and thankful for everyone who came into work during Tropical Storm Isaac for the purpose of ensuring the wellbeing of the students. We are grateful to the Office of Residential Life and Housing for assuring our safety as residential students. We are grateful to Shark Catering for providing two meals a day for two days to students in the Commons and Goodwin Residential Halls, and we are thankful to NSU for assuring our safety as students of this University.