Thanksgiving: Showing people you care


Contrary to popular belief, Thanksgiving is not celebrated merely for the prospect of devouring an oversized turkey and enjoying a succulent feast. It is a time to reflect on those who are important to you and to let them know you care. Below are a few suggestions on how to express your thankfulness.  

Practice acts of kindness

Be it cleaning up the table after dinner, or coming home with a bouquet of flowers, practicing acts of kindness is as easy as ever. We tend to fall into ruts during long-term relationships or friendships, and although it is normal, one’s counterpart might appreciate the extra effort you put into the relationship during the holidays. After all, they may just want to know that you care. Make a picnic by your local park for a date with a loved one or take a friend out to go shopping with you.

Celebrate with family and friends

There is no better way to prove someone’s worth than by celebrating Thanksgiving with them. Host a Thanksgiving potluck with family or a “Friendsgiving” with friends to show them you care. Make sure to assign your friends or family members with an item to bring to the gathering. You can’t celebrate Thanksgiving without a turkey!

Give gifts

Gifts can come in any shape, size or package, as long as they are from the heart. If you and a friend have an inside joke or a favorable memory, buy them something indicative of the times you laughed together. Those who are true to you won’t care about its monetary value, but its sentimental worth. Sometimes, the best gifts are the homemade ones.

Specifically, give compliments

One of the most underrated gifts you can give is a compliment. A gift from the heart is a million times more valuable than a gift from any store. As long as it is heartfelt and meaningful, compliments can transform someone’s day. Give either friends or strangers random compliments such as, “I love your outfit today” or “thank you for your bubbly personality.”

Be charitable

Volunteer at your local homeless shelter, retirement home or animal shelter. There are an infinite number of individuals who are in need of love and care, and any effort helps. Not only does volunteer work benefit those you are helping, but it makes you feel like a better and more fulfilled person.