Viva Miami


By Celina Mahabir

Whether you are a native of South Florida or just exploring the waters since you started at NSU, there’s one place anyone and everyone will tell you to visit at least once: Miami. As one of the largest urban metropolitan cities in the U.S., there’s no doubt that it’s a melting pot of cultures, languages and style stemming from people of all backgrounds. You might find a taqueria on the corner of one street and a patisserie on another. Let’s not forget, though, that Miami is a relatively large city with lots of things to do, lots of places to visit and lots of people to see. Sit tight folks, because here’s a beginner’s guide to a day in Miami.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you’re not up for rising with the sun, there’s always a nice alternative: brunch. NIDO’s Mozzarella Bar just off of Biscayne Boulevard in North Miami is one of the cozier, more laid-back eateries the area has to offer. Everything is homemade, whether it’s the cheese, pastries or bread – you name it. There are dozens of shops and other small cafés nearby, which is great if you’re looking to have a relaxed morning. Luckily, it’s conveniently located along US-1 heading south, and not far off from entrances to I-95.


There’s so much you can do during the day in any district of Miami. Aside from your conventional mall, movie theater or restaurant, Miami is known for its rich art culture and exposure to a myriad of ethnicities. When art comes to mind, there’s no place better than the Wynwood Art District.

One place in Wynwood you can stop by is Plant The Future, a nature-based interior design firm that makes actual artwork out of plants, flowers and vines. With an indoor and outdoor garden, there’s plenty to see when you visit. You even have the opportunity to purchase artwork, plants, seeds and pottery.

Located a short walk away are the Wynwood Walls. Long referred to as “Little San Juan,” it boasts a Puerto Rican influence in its shops, murals, art galleries and fashion houses. It’s also an amazing place to get some pretty nice pictures.

If this doesn’t sound like your type of thing, there’s also the Bayside Marketplace near the coastline. With a perfect view of the famous Miami skyline, it welcomes visitors to a little bit of everything: souvenir shops, restaurants, water sports, dancing, clothing stores, and the list goes on and on.


It all boils down to what Miami is famous for: nightlife. Miami definitely has something that suits everyone’s taste. Brickell is one district in Miami with endless clubs and bars if you’re into dancing to amazing music: be it hip-hop, EDM, reggaeton or dancehall, every club features DJs that cater to different audiences.

If you’re not a fan of moving your feet too much, try checking Ticketmaster or Stubhub for local concert tickets. International artists such as Kanye West, Tory Lanez, The Chainsmokers, and Pitbull frequently play at the American Airlines Arena.

Finally, if you’re not the biggest fan of huge crowds or loud music, you can never go wrong with heading back down to Bayside Marketplace one last time. The entire atmosphere changes from day to night, while maintaining its family-friendly environment. There are more restaurants and bars open at night, including Lombardi’s, mojito bar and the Hard Rock Café and Casino. Miami continues to shine even when the sun goes down and a stroll along the coastline might be just the thing for you.

Credit: C. Mahabir

Caption: One of the largest urban metropolitan cities in the U.S., Miami is a melting pot of cultures and style that’s worth visiting.