Where to go to change your study scenery


With midterms quickly approaching, you may be looking to get out of your dorm room to study. If you are sick of your current surroundings and want a change of scenery to find the motivation to review your course notes, check out these places both on and off campus that are ideal for studying.

Pretty parks

Sometimes the fluorescent lighting of dorm rooms and the busy energy in the library can have you itching for the great outdoors. Luckily, we are in a prime spot for many great parks that help you experience nature in a calm environment ideal for studying. Check out Tree Tops Park where you can sit at the picnic tables and study, or take a break and hit the trails. Grab a picnic blanket, your favorite study snack and your notes and head to the park for some much-needed sun exposure and relaxing nature views.

Cute coffee shops

Coffee shops are known by many students as the perfect study spots. With their relaxing atmospheres, Wi-Fi offerings and caffeine availabilities, coffee shops offer students everything they need to work on schoolwork and study for exams. Some great options surrounding NSU are The Alchemist in Wilton Manors, Warsaw Coffee Company in Fort Lauderdale and Atelier 3 Coffee Bar & Shop in Hollywood.

On campus gems

Maybe you don’t want to venture off campus to study, but you find the typical study spots to be full or too loud. Consider studying out by the Gold Circle Lake with a blanket and your favorite coffee. If you are looking for a place to sit, try the tables outside of Flight Deck, complete with a fan and a covering from the sun. Other great places include the lounges in DeSantis, the Parker lobby or the West End Deli in the Alvin Sherman Library.

Sunny beaches

If you are feeling the call of the ocean, consider packing up your textbooks and study guides and bringing them seaside. Sometimes the simple sound of the waves can help ease your tension for exams. Head to your favorite beach spot, after piling on the SPF, and set up your study space in a shady area. The answer to your midterm exam may not be at the beach, but shouldn’t you at least check?