You’re getting what you paid for — college is worth it


Sleepless nights, piles of work, endless memorization, actual work, taking out student loans and trying to cram in a social life can sometimes make any student doubtful of his or her choice to go to college. Regardless of the extra stress, college is worth every dime. It may not seem that way while drudging to class, or studying for the next examination but it is.

It’s no secret that students with a college degree have the potential to make more money and have more opportunities in life. According to USA Today, “College graduates, on average, earned 56 percent more than high school grads in 2015, according to data compiled by the Economic Policy Institute.”

A college degree gives students an economic advantage in the workforce because they are more qualified in their field of interest. While technical colleges can provide a job certification for a shorter amount of time and less money, this certification can be limiting to someone who wants to expand in their field of interest or switch to a higher position. A degree can be applied to various career options, which can become more specialized with higher education.

College can help students develop interpersonal skills. Every job is going to require some form of communication, so you might as well develop those skills before the time comes. These skills can be developed through class discussion, peer interaction, clubs or even classes and workshops geared to developing strong communication skills. Students might even gain a friend from all their hard work.

College is not just a place for education, but it’s truly a growing process for the individual. Students don’t just take courses pertaining to their major, they also take electives. These electives can allow students to develop new perspectives on how to look at the world. New perspectives can be helpful when dealing with real world problems that can arise at the workplace. Being able to think quick on the spot and come up with solutions in a timely manner are valued by employers.

Also, believe it or not, college graduates are shown to lead healthier lifestyles. Students with higher paying jobs are more likely to also receive health insurance and be less likely to take part in negative health habits, like smoking. According to a study mentioned in the Huffington Post, “College graduates have a life expectancy of seven years longer than those who hold a high school diploma or less.”

Going out in the workforce can be daunting, especially when those jobs require some type of recommendation. College is an excellent place for developing connections that can lead to internships. Employers want employees with experience because they want to be able to trust their employees with necessary tasks. Internships can give a student real-world experience before entering the workforce. This can be helpful for a student who is unsure of what he or she really wants to pursue and who wants more information.

A college degree is truly an achievement that brings a sense of accomplishment. Walking across that stage will be hard to forget. At the end of the day, college is one of those things that you must endure now and enjoy the benefits later.