Editor’s Note: Orientation Issue 2010

Reasons to go to college: expand your knowledge and skills; express your thoughts succinctly in writing and speech; grasp abstract concepts and theories; and increase your understanding of the world and your community. Yes, these are all good reasons to go to college but what about parties, boys (or girls), and getting more life experience than you will ever want? Welcome to NSU!

You’re probably wondering what I mean when I say more experience than you will ever want. I’m talking about dirty dishes (that aren’t going to clean themselves). I’m talking about crazy roommates (who you have to deal with). I’m talking about the freshman 15 (Oh yes, it’s true so head to the RecPlex and get some cardio immediately!).

But with the bad experiences, come the good and NSU has a lot of good to offer its new students. One of those good things is the orientation issue of The Current, NSU’s only student-run newspaper on campus. Aside from being the number one source for news, entertainment, sports, or anything else that deals with the NSU community, The Current acts as the weekly voice for students, faculty, and staff (particularly students, but don’t tell faculty and staff about that). We highlight what’s important, report what is engaging and have lots of fun doing it week to week.

This is a special issue put out once a year to help freshmen and transfer students, like yourself, (and some sophomores, juniors, and seniors) navigate the campus and catch up on all that is NSU. Our news section features a story on NSU’s smoking policy on campus that was implemented last year in “Lighting Up on Campus” by Annarely Rodriguez. If you have an interest in athletics, you can read about why “NSU Doesn’t Need a Football Team” by Craig Heenighan. Or if you’re a movie and entertainment buff like myself you can read about “The Good, The Bad, and the WTF? Of 2010” by Juan Gallo. We also have an in depth opinions section, which features an article about the “iPad vs. the HP® Slate” by Annarely Rodriguez and Lauren Aurigemma.

But what is really unique about this year’s orientation issue is the pull out section called “Things You Should Know.” This section has a wealth of information about your NSU Shark ID card, discounts at local area shops, NSU traditions, local food and restaurant listings, on campus vs. off campus housing and a lot more. We hope you find the information useful and keep this section for awhile. Welcome to NSU and remember – The Current wants to hear from you! Volunteer to write, submit story ideas, write an opinions piece or a letter to the editor by e-mailing us at nsunews@nova.edu. The Current is listening.

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