Check Yourself Before You Rec Yourself

The Office of Campus Recreation offers a variety of ways to stay active — from burning calories in a spin class to pumping iron in the RecPlex.No matter how you get in shape the Office of Campus Recreation has something for you.

Located in the Don Taft University Center, the RecPlex is NSU’s primary gymnasium and has become a popular campus workout facility. The RecPlex is a state-of-the-art, 110,000-square-foot-facility and is home to top of the line workout equipment. The gym has a number of amenities including 98 pieces of cardiovascular equipment and 84 pieces of strength equipment. The RecPlex has squatting racks, machine weights and a number of free weights in addition to a number of treadmills, elliptical machines and rowing machines.

Other amenities include two multi-purpose basketball courts, three indoor racquetball courts and three multi-purpose studios where spinning classes, yoga, and body sculpt and other fitness and instructional classes take place.

Campus Recreation also provides fitness based programs. If working out by yourself is not your thing, then why not try a group exercise class. Choose from more 15 different classes including 20-20-20, Aquafit, Adventure Boot Camp, Body Sculpt, Power Sculpt, Circuit Blast, Cardio-Core, Cardio Step, Killer Abs, Spinning and Yoga.

The common benefits associated with group exercise classes are that they are a great stress relievers and they lower the risk of heart disease through aerobic exercise. In addition, regular exercise, whether it is in the RecPlex or in the fitness programs, can help you lose weight and help tone muscles.

A number of instructional pro-grams are offered at the RecPlex including Dance Jam, Belly Dancing, Ballroom Dancing and Scuba.

Campus Recreation offers the chance to get in shape in fun and unique ways. So, put down your dumbbells, pick up your dancing shoes,and try something different.

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