On the Scene: How would you feel if an immigration law similar to Arizona’s was passed in Florida?

On April 23, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed a bill into law, which requires immigrants to carry their alien registration documents at all times. The law also allows police to question individuals if there is reason to believe they’re illegal. Candidates Rick Scott and Marco Rubio, up for election in November, support Arizona’s controversial law. How would you feel if an immigration law similar to Arizona’s was passed in Florida?

“It’s a lack of respect and another form of discrimination.  People come here to seek opportunity and they are not going to want to come if they have to carry a piece of paper everywhere they go just to prove their residency.” Ashley Gebara, senior business administration and communication studies major

“I would be pissed off it the police stopped me because I’m a foreigner.”  Richard Sung, freshman biology major

“No matter how many ways we put it, someone will feel attacked.  People need to be mindful that in Florida, we deal with immigration indirectly.  We have so many different cultures in South Florida that it would be hard to control by using that one strategy.” Sharifa Denis, sophomore criminal justice major

“The law makes sense in Arizona because of the Mexican border, but in Florida, I don’t feel we have an immigration problem.” Erin Rogan, sophomore dance major

“I find the law offensive.  As a Cuban-American, I would not want to be questioned based on my ethnicity.  This law is basically allowing racial profiling.” Xavier Carcache, junior nursing major

“I agree with the law.  I think we need to know who is coming to our country.  It’s a good way to prevent drug trafficking and other problems.” Rachel Belmont, senior dance major

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