Stewart and Colbert’s plea: “Take it down a notch, America”

Hysterical paranoia has become rampant in this country. CNN, Fox, MSNBC, PBS. If it’s a news network, it’s feeding the public sharp-edged anxiety pills. And the majority of us are swallowing them — without water. But instead of a scratched throat, we have raw nerve-endings.

In response to this, the host of “The Daily Show,” Jon Stewart, will hold a “Rally for Sanity” in Washington, D.C. Stewart is using his notoriety to show the public just how out of control we’ve all become.

Similarly, Stephen Colbert, host of “The Colbert Report” is set to host a rally entitled, “Keep Fear Alive.” This tongue-in-cheek counter-offensive, served up by Stewart’s “frenemy,” sends the same message, but in a different way.

Colbert has been known for his witty sarcasm. In one statement, regarding the rally, the news reporter said, “Reason was one letter away from treason. Most people would consider this a coincidence, but not us, America.” This laughable statement reflects the ridiculous state of fear-mongering in our country. Some believe our president is aligned with Islamic terrorists and that he’s secretly sabotaging our security in order to allow al-Qaida into our borders. Don’t let mosques be built anywhere in the United States because they’re a recruiting ground for terrorists. My mother insists that we shouldn’t eat food shipped in from China because they are secretly poisoning us. Apparently, preservatives are the new Anthrax.

Stewart and Colbert have cast a wide net with their influence. The duo yields a lot of weight in the news world, partly because of the power they have on people.  After legendary newscaster Walter Cronkite died, Stewart was voted the Most Trusted Man in America.

Stewart’s effect on the public hasn’t gone unnoticed. Everyone from Oprah to Obama has endorsed Stewart’s rally. If Americans can’t see how hysterical they’ve gotten, then maybe these two compelling reporters can help enlighten us.

Perhaps people, from both parties, will pay attention to a reasonable voice. Our country is in a state of mass hysteria akin to the nervous ticks of Chiwawas. And nothing huge has happened.

So, follow Stewart and Colbert’s advice. Take it down a notch, America. Cut back on the coffee. Get a therapist. Hell, do yoga. Or go to the rally in D.C. Who knows, it may be just what America needs — a much-needed dose of reality and a larger dose of comedic Valium.

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