Students to decide whether to bring water polo and lacrosse clubs to campus

The results of a survey distributed to students by the Office of Campus Recreation last month will determine whether the office will establish water polo and lacrosse clubs at NSU.

Tom Vitucci, director of Campus Recreation, said sports clubs are usually introduced after students express interest in them. However, the office is considering introducing water polo and lacrosse  because the university has the facilities to host these sporting activities.

“With water polo, we have the new pool, so we have the facilities and the interest in lacrosse came because we have the field. So, we have the amenities for them, we just want to know if students are interested,” said Vitucci.

Vitucci said a survey was sent to students via mass email and 343 people responded. If there is interest in the sports after the answers are analyzed, meetings, events and practice times will be scheduled for each club.

Benjamin Thayil, second-year optometry student, said that while he does not play either sport, he thinks having the clubs would benefit students interested in the sports.

“A lot of people play those sports, but they’re not offered here and I think having them would be a good way for students to get into them,” said Thayil.

Vitucci said there is also the possibility of adding other clubs as long as students show interest in them.

“Like with martial arts and wrestling, we have had students who come up to us and say they’re interested in a club and need help getting it started,” he said.

Fritzard Josirin, freshman biology major, said that she would join the lacrosse club and hopes that the club would eventually turn into a team.

“A lot of the other universities I looked at after high school had those teams but for some reason, schools in Miami and Florida don’t seem to show as much interest in them. But this would definitely be a good start,” she said.

The results of the survey will be announced in winter 2011.

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