MonthOctober 2010

Morally archaic or modernly superior

Our morals are outdated. No one likes being told that their morals are wrong. What we think is right and wrong defines who we are and how we live our lives. But the fact of the matter is that morals are defined as obligations of personal conduct, and not based on legalities or custom. As such, they need to adjust to the changes in our ever-evolving society.

Wake up, America

On Sept. 22, Rutgers University freshman Tyler Clementi committed suicide by jumping off the George Washington Bridge. Two of his peers, Dharaun Ravi and Molly Wei, broadcasted his sexual encounter with a man online. Many call this a hate crime.

Friend suggestion: “The Social Network”

Director David Fincher and writer Aaron Sorkin, with Kevin Spacey in the executive producer chair, engineered a skillfully entertaining film, fueled with talent that keeps you marveling through the end. Every word, every scene and within every character shines genius, humor, irony, and most of all, the guts that make this film significant to the Facebook generation.