“Paranormal Activity 2” You’ll never look at your house the same way again

“Psycho” made us afraid of the shower. “Nightmare on Elm Street” made us afraid to fall asleep. “Poltergeist” made us afraid to look under the bed. And “Paranormal Activity 2” makes sleeping on the couch a nightmare.

“Paranormal Activity 2” is a prequel to the first movie. It begins about two months before the first film. It’s centered around a family who is terrorized by a demon who appears to want the baby. But finding out why the creature wants the kid is just the beginning. One of the things I enjoyed the most was finding out why this family was haunted and why the first film took place.

The true genius of the “Paranormal” movies is that they make the audience look for the creepy happenings. In making the audience work for the chills, it keeps their attention. And in being so focused on looking for any detail, sudden noises or attacks make you jump in your seat.

Another great addition to the movie was the dog. Anyone who’s had a pet that will randomly growl or meow in the middle of the night knows how creepy it can be. What do they see that we can’t? And “Paranormal” plays on that fear.

The first “Paranormal Activity” movie was beyond dull to me. But this one scared the hell out of me. Whether or not you liked the first film, you’ll love this one. And you’ll never think of your comfy couch or growling dog the same way again.

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