On the Scene: What is your most memorable holiday story?

Holidays offer opportunities for families to spend time with each other and celebrate traditions, but sometimes unpredicted events happen making them especially memorable.  What is your most memorable holiday story?

“I have to have an outfit for every holiday and the outfit I picked out for one Thanksgiving was for a hot day, but the weather was really cold. I had to wear the outfit I picked out so I was freezing and ended up being sick. I proved my mother right.”  Zuri Bowman, junior English and legal studies major

“One Christmas, I asked for a stereo. My parents decided to wrap clothes in a stereo box so I opened it up and it was clothes, not a stereo. They played a sick little joke on me. Each member of my family has different wrapping paper and they wrapped my stereo with my mom’s wrapping paper.”

Brooke Cimmino, junior

elementary education major

“My mother was planning to get re-married and came home from the grocery store. We heard screaming and went outside. She said a car pulled up and a guy jumped through the passenger window, fought her for her hand bag, jumped back through the window, and then the car sped off. By the time we came outside his feet were dangling from the window. I was really scared
after that.”

Raquel Ferguson, senior biology major

“My family was having a Christmas party at my uncle’s house. I was outside talking on my cell phone and went inside for a second. When I went inside, someone broke into our car and stole my mom’s purse, wallet, everything, but for some reason they left my dad’s wallet.”

Tanvi Patel, junior

business administration major

“My brother came home from college for the holidays and surprised my whole family. That is when I learned to run in heels when I went to say hi to him.”

Sabrina Soler, sophomore

communication studies major

“Last year, for Christmas, I was working at a motel in Virginia Beach. There was a car thief on the property. The owners of the car found him sitting in their car in the parking lot of the grocery store next door. They forced him out of their car and he ran onto the motel property.  After the police came, I had to check the property and make sure the creep wasn’t still there. And all that for minimum wage.”

Michael Meth, first-year student in the Center for Psychological Studies

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