When there’s no turkey or gravy, there’s always Japanese

Leftovers are boring.  Cooking is a chore. And you’ll be hard-pressed to find a Whopper or a Big Mac on Christmas day.  Instead, head over to Shinju’s Japanese buffet and throw tradition out the window.

Shinju, located at 3305 South University Blvd., has a relaxed environment. It boasts fresh food for both sushi and Chinese lovers and a hibachi station.

As you enter Shinju, you get the feeling that it isn’t just some overpriced, all-you-can-eat joint. The restaurant offers the option of watching your creation cooked in front of you. The hibachi station is stocked with a variety of shrimp, chicken, steak, broccoli, cucumber, onion, bean sprouts, and a variety of sauces. Shinju also offers freshly made soup and hand rolls made to order.

Enough dessert choices to make even the pickiest eaters happy, makes paying the $16.95 flat charge on weekdays and $18.95 on weekends worth it.

Best of all, they’re open on Christmas Day. So if a homemade meal is out of the question, or you’re just feeling a little adventurous, Shinju’s could make your day that much merrier.

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