The Bachelor deserves his second chance at love

Unlike the majority of “The Bachelor” fans, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Brad Womack (a.k.a. the man who turned down both girls during the final rose ceremony) was back for another shot at love.

Womack made the right choice. How can you ask a man to propose to one of two women if he is not in love with either of them? I understand the premise of the show is to find your “soul mate,” fall in love and get married. But that doesn’t happen for everyone, so why fight it?

This time around, Womack seems like a changed man. After going through therapy  — who wouldn’t with the entire country hating you for dumping two women — he seems like he is on the show for the “right reasons.”

Besides getting slapped by the first woman out of the limo, it looks like Womack might find the love of his life in this new batch of characters. However, if he doesn’t choose a woman at the end of this season, I think we can assume he is just an idiot and doesn’t know what he wants. But, he, at least, deserves the chance to prove that he has changed. Let’s hope there aren’t two more women left broken-hearted at the end.

Until the final rose is extended, kick back and enjoy “the most dramatic season yet.”

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