“No Strings Attached” ties you up with humor

If you’ve seen the preview for “No Strings Attached,” you know the movie. Two single people trying to have a friends-with-benefits relationship, but surprise, they end up falling for each other. Fortunately, though, the previews don’t give away the funny moments or mushy lines between Adam (Ashton Kutcher) and Emma (Natalie Portman).

The movie begins with Adam and Emma meeting at various times in their lives, like at camp in middle school and at a college frat party.  They never date, or even kiss, until Adam drunk-calls Emma and wakes up on her couch. At Emma’s request, the two start their “sex friendship.” They do not hold hands, go on dates or eat breakfast together; they simply have sex. Their “friendship” continues in many rooms and across various surfaces until Adam falls in love with Emma and Emma panics.

Like most romantic comedies, the movie is a bit predictable, yet the storyline hasn’t been written before. Since when has Hollywood produced a romantic comedy entirely about sex buddies? The script opens the door to a light-hearted movie that keeps the audience laughing throughout. The trailer doesn’t give away all the jokes or the one-liners that leave you thinking, “Did he really
just say that?”

Be forewarned, if you bring your mom or little sister to the movie, you may shift uncomfortably in your seat at times. The movie is rated “R” for a reason; not for the sex, but for what comes out of the
character’s mouths.

These characters, like Wallace (Ludacris), who owns the bar Adam frequents, add their own depth and texture to the movie. This is due to the script written by Elizabeth Meriwether and Michael Samonek (Table for Three). They may have kept to some of the clichés that have become part of romantic comedies, but they steered away from flat characters and overused pick-up lines.
But ultimately, who doesn’t mind staring at Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher for 110 minutes, though this time it’s not just for their good looks and charming smiles.

Portman won Best Actress for “Black Swan” at this year’s Golden Globes and she brings her award winning talents to this movie. She’s rigid yet charismatic, making the audience want her to change her stubborn ways and fall for Adam like he has fallen for her. Together with Portman, Kutcher brings worthy acting to the screen as he creates a character with childish tendencies and adult-like humor that is ultimately adorable when his character falls for Portman’s.

“No Strings Attached” is probably not the movie you’ll watch and then re-watch several times before it releases on DVD. However, if you want some laughs, you’ll get them with this movie.

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