Organizations repaint traditional blocks

Last week, 22 student clubs and organizations repainted the blocks that represent their organizations on the sidewalk between the Parker Building and the Don Taft University Center.

The blocks were painted in December, but were ruined when a maintenance worker pressure-washed them.

Jennifer Goetzl, graduate assistant for Inter-Organizational Council, said, “One of the biggest things is that IOC wants every organization on campus to be represented. Also, commuters go that way and we want to pull them in so that they get involved on campus.”

Many of the organizations with ruined blocks were upset that their work was washed away.

Niva Shah, senior biology major, said, “We were working for seven hours [in December] and the next day we saw everything was gone. It was really disappointing.”

The Society of Anime, Games, and Enter-tainment also got a second chance to repaint their block, but said that having to repaint the blocks was an inconvenience.

“I’m supposed to be studying for my MCATs,” said Nergess Taheri, senior biology major, SAGE president.

The repainting also gave other organizations, whose blocks were not ruined, the opportunity to redesign them.

Darshan Solanki, junior biology major and president of the Indian Student Association, said, “We thought our design was too simple and we wanted it to look nice, especially since it is our first block.”

As is part of the tradition, IOC also hosted a contest for the best block. Awards will be given for first, second, and third places. The organization with the best block will receive $150, second place will receive $100 and third place will receive $50. Winners will be announced on Feb. 3 at the next IOC meeting.

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