Dear University School students: Eat in your own cafeteria

Typically, when one goes to college, he/she doesn’t expect to see high school students roaming campus unless it’s a tour. However, NSU’s campus is unique. It has University School, a pre-k through 12th grade private school, on its campus.

I understand that the University School is part of  NSU and shares our campus. However, I’ve been at NSU for almost four years and one of the biggest complaints that has been echoed since I was a freshman was, why are the high school students always eating in the Don Taft U.C. and other eating areas on campus?

The problem wasn’t as bad in the beginning. There was no designated lunch hour then,  but I still saw the occasional University School student whenever I went to eat, especially in the Alvin Sherman Library’s café.

Once NSU decided not to schedule classes between 12 p.m. and 1 p.m., the problem slowly got worse. Now there is overcrowding in the Don Taft U.C., Einstein’s, and the Alvin Sherman Library café at that hour. Many NSU students can’t get food during their lunch breaks because there are so many University School students trying to get food at the same time.

The University School has three cafeterias: one for the lower school, one for middle school and one for the upper school. Isn’t that enough for them?

Is it that the high school students want to feel that they are “cool” and that they can eat at our student union and other areas on campus? The bottom line is that as college students, we don’t want to feel like we’re still in high school. We also don’t want to have to miss our lunch break because there are too many University School students in line at the UC food court.

We pay a lot of money to go to Nova Southeastern University. They pay a lot of money to go to the University School. We all share the same campus, but some things need to be “shared” at different times. And we should get first dibbs on food.

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