NSU partners with Sprint to offer better reception on campus

Last month, NSU partnered with cell phone company Sprint to offer better reception to customers on campus.

The deal will improve signal strength inside and outside the major buildings on campus. The installation of antennas to improve signal outside began in early March at the Alvin Sherman Library. These transmitters will improve Sprint’s signal from Health Professions Divison (Terry Building) to the on-campus dorms and will be activated by the end of April.

John J. Santulli II, vice president of Facilities Management, said the transmitters that will improve reception inside buildings will be installed by Fall 2011.

He said the deal was made because NSU is a major Sprint customer. Many university-issued cell phones and BlackBerrys use Sprint’s network.

“When we enter these types of arrangements, we do it to make the environment at the university the best environment we can for the students, primarily, but for everyone else as well,” said Santulli.

He said that unlike the antennas on the library’s roof, the antennas placed inside buildings will not be visible to students and will improve reception only inside that building.

“Our buildings are substantially built, which is good for strength but not good for cellular signals,” he said.

These antennas will allow the NSU community to receive phone calls, text and emails on their phones without “scooting to a window,” he said.

Rafael De La Rosa, senior finance major and Sprint customer, said reception on campus on his cell phone has been an issue.

“It’s a great idea because I don’t get reception in the Don Taft University Center and HPD,” he said. “I work in the UC so I can’t really talk to anyone or see my emails and texts until I leave the building.”

Santulli said NSU is not partnering with any other service provider at this time. However, if any one shows interest in a deal similar to Sprint’s, the university may consider it.

He said there was a small, temporary AT&T transmitter on top of the library garage, which was installed during the gubernatorial and senatorial debates last fall, which has improved the AT&T signal near the Parker, Carl DeSantis, and garage buildings.

“It’s still functioning, and we will probably negotiate with AT&T to make it permanent in the future,” said Santulli.

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