TableTopics: The New Question Game

“TableTopics” is the question game on steroids.  The “question game” is an excuse to ask ridiculous questions or escape awkward silences. Either way, it’s a quick fix for fun and conversation.

“TableTopics” promises the same, but instead of spending too much time thinking of a good question, the questions are already on each card. This way, you can spend more time enjoying the stimulating conversation that results from each response.

Creator Cristy Clarke said, “I believe that every conversation has the potential to be great — to inspire us to action, enrich our relationships, and connect us to the people we care about most.”

Each 4” acrylic TableTopics cube is stocked with 135 questions. Cubes are organized by themes: college, girls’ night out, couples, family gathering, dinner party, and much more.  The original and family versions are also sold in Spanish.

Questions range from silly to serious, depending on the theme.

  • “What was your strangest date ever?”
  • “What did you get into trouble for the most when you were young?”
  • “Which song would you play in a convertible on a sunny day?”
  • “Is justice or mercy more important?”

“TableTopics” is addictive.  Give it a shot at your next get-together for engaging conversation and lots of laughter.  But, be warned, once you get your group talking, they may never want to leave.  Then again, is that such a bad thing?

The games “TableTopics” and “TableTopics To Go” are available online at

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