Star gazing in South Florida

With all the new TV shows being filmed here, it’s easy to see stars in South Florida. Considering the clouds and constant rain lately, TV stars are probably the only stars we’ll be seeing. And the odds of spotting a famous person have just increased with the “Charlie’s Angels” remake coming to town and Starz’s “Magic City” beginning production in Miami. More than just star-spotting, the new shows are a boon to our economy and give locals a chance to be an extra on TV.

“Charlie’s Angels” and “Magic City” join returning shows “The Glades” and “Burn Notice.” “Burn Notice” began its fifth season on June 23 on the USA Network. “Burn Notice” is filmed all over South Florida, very frequently in Coconut Grove. Stars Jeffrey Donavan and Gabrielle Anwar can be spotted dining at BLT Steak or The Forge. “The Glades” began its second season on June 5 on the A&E Network. It is filmed at a warehouse in Pembroke Pines and star Matt Passmore maintains a pretty low profile but must have to go eat somewhere in the neighborhood.

“Magic City” is set in the 1960s and it takes place and is filmed in Miami Beach. It is a drama starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan and centers around a Miami Beach hotel. It is will air on Starz in 2012. In the meantime Morgan can be seen taking in the Miami nightlife.

Everyone knows “Charlie’s Angels,” whether from the original TV series (I know, you’re too young to have seen it when it aired but since it starred the incomparable Farrah Fawcett, you have to know about it) or the movie where Cameron Diaz danced in superman underwear. Now there is a Miami version of the TV series set to premier September 22 on ABC. Charlie’s new angels (Minka Kelly, Rachael Taylor and Annie Llonzeh), all dressed in white, have been spotted all over the streets of Miami kicking butt and stopping the forces of evil.

Whatever Miami-based show you watch, you’re sure to enjoy checking out some familiar places in the background. And when you go out, make sure you keep your eyes open for some special stars.

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