SUTV: More than just a pretty face

NSU’s student–run television station is more than meets the eye. Sure there are great movies to watch, breaking news stories to check out and riveting sports highlights to watch, but Sharks United Television is also a place where students can learn to be a part of an exciting TV show.

There are opportunities for students to write, direct, film, edit and star in a show. Station Manager and junior exercise science major and theater minor, Gregory Hinds, and Creative Director and junior communications studies major, Kelsey Cortez, want to get students involved and teach them the intricacies of television programming.

Hinds said the most important part of his job is creating a real world experience for all the volunteers.

He does this by assigning students jobs in groups and sending them to film events, appear on camera or edit the resulting film clips.

Cortez  said, “Our goal is to give students real world work experience in video production and provide them with skills they can use in internships, jobs, etc. Also to have fun while connecting students with on campus activities and organizations.”

There are many things for students to do at the TV station and no experience is necessary. Cortez and Hinds provide training in whatever area students are interested.

“Students can learn all of the following at SUTV: how to operate video, sound, lighting equipment, edit on Final Cut Pro, work with deadlines, leadership, and getting more comfortable working on camera,” said Cortez.

Cortez said joining the station is a valuable way for students to spend their time.

“Students joining SUTV can get involved in almost anyway. Everything from camerawork and reporting to directing, editing, and web design. There’s something for everyone,” said Cortez. “We’re looking for members who want to learn valuable skills in production while getting more involved in the on campus community.”

For more information on SUTV, visit their office in Room 1 of the Athletics and Student Affairs building or call (954) 262-2602.

SUTV is a part of the Department of Student Media and Information, which also oversees The Current and RadioX. 

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