Lime: Fresh Mexican Grill impresses with fresh ingredients

Cuisine: Mexican Grill

Cost: Moderate

Hours: 11:00 am-10:00 pm

Reservations: No, but there is pick-up, just call ahead!

Credit Cards: All major

Bar: Beer, Coca Cola, Margaritas, Sangria, & Wine

Sound: Conversational and Fun

Outside: Breezy and Comfortable

Wheelchair accessible: Yes!

Overall impression: Located on a corner lot, the newly opened restaurant, Lime, has gotten a great piece of real estate at the Fountains near Broward Mall. The atmosphere at the Fountains is youthful. There are water geysers, breezy outside tables and cute smiling girls running with queso–filled tortillas.

The parking lot was full and the sky was blue when my friend Vik and I arrived, just ahead of the crowd. Upon entering the restaurant, we were greeted by an employee who introduced herself as an ambassador and asked us, “Have you guys ever been here before?” We replied no and were given menus and a formal introduction to the Lime heritage. The humanely raised meats and vegetarian–friendly choices were highlights to the dinning venture. Additionally, Lime is a local franchise that purchases from nearby markets and is active in charities as well as local events.

Soon we were ready to order, and I was glad to have an ambassador drop the 411 on the market fresh ingredients. She definitely left a good impression, and the food…

Starters: Round One, “A big cup” It just sounds like a good start to any Mexican grill, and it was. Bottomless, fresh and crisp tortilla chips with homemade salsa was just $2.99 and for all you dudes who are biology majors, totally worth it, both a fresh taste and dose of Lycopene!

Entrée excellence: Dang Quesa-dillas, a “Classic Quesadilla” with steak was a harbinger for success. The tasty steak and fresh cheeses really fit the title as a classic and cost only $5.49! The “Big Cali Burrito” had a lot to live up to, and compared to the true $3.59 Californian beach burrito the “Big Cali Burrito” fell short, and at $7.99, was a lot more expensive, too.

Liquid assets: Beer, Wine, Margaritas, Sangrias…they all were there. Vik wanted some but I convinced him not to. However, we did both get some Real Mexican orange sodas, Jarritos, which were very tasty and alcohol free.

Service: From being greeted by an ambassador to periodic check-up by an all-waitress staff, we give Lime a thumb’s up.

Insider tip: Following the Lime gang on Facebook or Twitter can save you money, and it is just another perk the 40–year–old CEO has incorporated into this 11–unit Florida based success.

Lime is located at 801 South University Drive, Plantation. 954-472-5550

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