Time for a change in Miami

I’ll always be a proud Dolphins fan, but even I have given up on this season. After an (0-4) start, it is clear this is nothing more than a mediocre football team and the people running the show have got to go.

Tony Sparano was supposed to be a genius when it came to evaluating and coaching offensive linemen. Unfortunately, he has failed to live up to this title. He was essentially given Jake Long and Vernon Carey when he took over as head coach. Therefore, Mike Pouncey is the only quality offensive lineman Sparano has brought in during his four years as coach.

Donald Thomas, Shawn Murphy, Jake Grove, Joe Berger, Richie Incognito, John Jerry and Marc Colombo are all offensive linemen that Sparano brought in, and none of them have worked out. If he can’t even coach offensive linemen (his “specialty”), why is he coaching the entire team?

If by asking Dez Bryant if his mother was a prostitute isn’t enough to show the poor judgment of General Manager Jeff Ireland, then perhaps his terrible draft choices and free agent signings is.

Pat White, Patrick Turner, Philip Merling and A.J. Edds were drafted too high. However, the draft blunder that disappointed me the most was not selecting a tight end in the 2010 draft, which was rich in this position and the team desperately needed one (still does).

The Dolphins could have and should have drafted any of these tight ends: Rob Gronkowski, Jimmy Graham, Aaron Hernandez, Jermaine Gresham, Dennis Pitta and
Ed Dickson.

I’m not going to list all of his poor free agent signings, but just remember Gibril Wilson and Ernest Wilford. Brings back some painful memories, doesn’t it? The fact is Sparano and Ireland have led this team to a (25-27) record. Some may point to their first season in which they had success, but let’s be honest, they caught lightning in a bottle when Chad Pennington became available, and they had a favorable schedule that year as well.

All head coaches and general managers makes their fair share of mistakes, but these two have yet to show anyone that they have learned from their mistakes. When the season is over, I think it would be best for Sparano and Ireland to move on.

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