ESPN sucks the joy out of MNF and the first amendment

ESPN fired Hank Williams Jr. from its Monday Night Football program. That means no more of the iconic, motivating, get-your-blood-pumping song that asks us “Are you ready for some football?” The song has been synonymous with MNF since it aired on ABC and who couldn’t use some motivation on a Monday night? Well, no more.

And all because Hank had the audacity to have an opinion about something. He said that John Boehner playing golf with President Obama and Joe Biden with Kasich was “like Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu.” He didn’t say Obama was like Hitler, he just made an analogy. Besides, what does that have to do with MNF? Nothing at all.

Personally, I think Obama is failing miserably, and if he is reelected, the United States will no longer be a superpower by the end of his second term. You may not agree with me. In fact, you may want to hunt me down and exercise your first amendment rights by telling me off. That’s fine. You don’t have to agree with anything I say. But you definitely better respect my right to say it. Because when we lose our freedom of speech, we’ve lost everything. Everything this country was built upon.

Do you know what happens to people in other countries who speak their mind? They are beaten and left for dead. But back to Hank. It is Hank Williams Jr. after all. What did they expect? He brags about getting drunk and high being a family tradition, is proud of all of his rowdy friends and calls himself superman.

And who really suffers if he’s fired? Hank? No way. He’s never had more publicity than he’s getting now. And in May, he’ll be free to take that song anywhere he wants. He’s got a new song, a new album and publicity that money can’t buy. ESPN might suffer. There is a movement to boycott them because of their decision. But they’ll probably be fine. Fans suffer. We miss our song. But we’ll make it and in May we’ll hear it again somewhere. Americans, that’s who suffers the most because any infringement on our constitutional right to freedom of speech is an assault on our entire country and an insult to the men who fought so hard to guarantee us freedom.

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