President Hanbury addresses students’ concerns at town hall meeting

NSU’s President, George L. Hanbury II, met with students during a town hall meeting to address their concerns and answer questions about the state of the university at the Don Taft University Center pit on Nov. 10.

Hanbury discussed topics, such as: his vision for the university, parking issues, campus diversity, Greek life, university research, student affairs, endowment and student scholarships.

Hanbury said one of his goals is to raise more money for scholarships.

“We are trying to raise $100 million and $50 million will go towards scholarships,” Hanbury said. “We need to build an endowment so students can stay here [at NSU] and not have to leave due to financial reasons.”

Catalina Vanegas, freshman theatre major, said the meeting was helpful.

“It gave students the opportunity to talk in person, rather than send an email. It was an actual response, and if you wanted an answer you got it right away,” said Vanegas.

Hanbury said he envisions NSU becoming a top-notch research facility, focusing on cancer, stem cell and oceanographic research.  Hanbury said NSU will reach this goal through his proposal to build a $100 million structure on campus for research.

Hanbury also said there are plans to incorporate an engineering school at the Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences.

“[The] Parker [building] will be converted into a wet lab and have [other] laboratories. We are emphasizing research at this university,” said Hanbury

Students asked if NSU had any plans to develop a football program. Hanbury said once the university increases its undergraduate population, football could be discussed.

“Not right now,” he said.

Brad Williams, vice president of student affairs said the town hall meeting was a win-win for the president and for students.

“I thought the questions were really good and the answers were very comprehensive,” said Williams. “[President Hanbury] is very genuine. One of the things exciting about [him] is that he loves to interact with students.”

Marc Crocquet, associate vice president of business services, was also impressed with the types of questions students asked.

“I think overall the students asked really good questions, and [President Hanbury] seemed to have all of the answers, or he certainly knows how to get the answers. I thought [the town hall meeting] was great.”

The next student town hall meeting will be held at the Health Professions Division on Friday, Dec. 2 in the Morris Auditorium at 11:30 a.m.

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