LSU versus who?

When LSU defeated Alabama 9-6 in overtime on Nov. 5, it seemed all but certain that Alabama was knocked out of the national championship picture. However, losses from Oklahoma State, Oregon, Oklahoma, Stanford and Boise State have made Alabama the frontrunner to face LSU in the national championship.

Most would agree that these are the two best teams in the nation. However, do fans want to see a rematch, or would they rather see another team get a shot at LSU?

Garrett Runion, interim head men’s golf coach and LSU alumnus, was at the game on Nov. 5. He said he would love to see a rematch. He believes that the only reason people wouldn’t want to see a rematch is because the first game was such a low-scoring affair.

“I believe we should play ‘Bama again for the national championship purely because I think they are the two best teams in the country from the best and hardest conference in the country,” said Runion. “Their only loss was to the number one ranked team by three points, and they have played a bunch of other ranked opponents.  OSU or OU or any Pac-12 team [did] not see as many ranked opponents as LSU or Alabama did.”

Joshua Mathis, junior marketing major, said he also wants to see a rematch because of the great defensive battle.

“Alabama [should play LSU] because they are the two best teams in the nation, hands down. It would be great to see them play again,” he said.

Chris Jacob, senior computer information systems major, said Alabama is deserving of a rematch, but he thinks Houston should receive consideration as well.

“Either ‘Bama or Houston [should play LSU]. I think ‘Bama is the second best team besides LSU of course. Houston [should go] because they haven’t lost yet, and [they] have the best quarterback besides [Andrew] Luck. The only reason Houston isn’t in the talk about going to the championship is because they don’t really have a hard schedule,” said Jacob.

The national championship is scheduled for Jan. 9.

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