Santa delivers a slam dunk: The NBA is back

Fear not basketball fans, for the NBA lockout met its demise on Nov. 26. Christmas will be even more special as the season kicks off on Christmas day. Santa must be an NBA fan.

David Michael, fifth-year pre-pharmacy major, is a Lakers fan. He said not having the NBA the past month was torturous and when he heard the news that the lockout was over, he was thrilled.

“My reaction was woohoo! Lakers can now tie Boston for title number 18,” said Michael.

Javier Duque, junior accounting major and Miami Heat fan, was also happy to see the NBA back.

“I’m ecstatic to see the NBA again. I don’t remember a time where we have so many superstar teams. The excitement of the NBA is at an all time high and this year’s season starts on Christmas with six championship contenders,” said Duque. “Can’t wait to see the Heat try to get back and win it all.”

First-year law student, Anthony Campenni is glad to see the Heat in action again. However, he said he was disappointed with the greed displayed by the players and owners during the lockout.

“I was upset and disgusted over the whole thing because with the economy down and people out of jobs, these players are pretty greedy to ask for money,” said Campenni.

With free agency starting on Dec. 9, Campenni said the Heat’s number one priority should be resigning Mario Chalmers. In addition, he wants the Heat to sign a center.

“I think we need a good center; a seven footer who takes up the paint and gets rebounds,” said Campenni.

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