Craving Italian? Check out Ciro’s Deli for authentic Italian cuisine

Restaurant: Ciro’s Italian Deli and Restaurant

Price: $$

Location: 8840 W. State Road 84, Davie, FL.

Contact: (954) 474-2165 and (954) 474-7719

Free Delivery/Catering Available


In the mood for a carb indulgence? Hey, if you’re going to succumb to the temptation that is Italian food, this is the place to go. Real talk, there is nothing I could ever write that could capture the deliciousness of Ciro’s many concoctions.

I get that it’s in the “college handbook” to order pizza at least once a week, but what is best about this restaurant is that while pizza is an option (and comes customizable to suit any picky eater’s preference) they also have amazing pasta,  sandwiches and yes, dessert, that can replace the mundanity of the Monday night pizza raid.

Fortunately for the RecPlex, I happen to be a regular at Ciro’s, and for good reason. The service has always been excellent; the staff is fantastic and efficient. My “usual” (which should be an “occasional”) is the meatball and spaghetti, which includes a salad or soup and two garlic rolls – don’t judge until you’ve had it. I have no idea what they put in the sauce but it’s un-be-li-eve-able. Everything is hot and fresh. I love that. Nothing ever tastes pre-packaged (I’m looking at you, Olive Garden!).

The menu items are relatively cheap and I’d even go so far as saying this place would make an ideal college date spot (bring gum for guaranteed after-dinner action, sans garlic breath). If you head out there between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. they have discounted lunch prices on select dishes. I hope you have an appetite because these dishes are huge. I usually split with someone and I suggest you do too — unless leftovers are your thing.

The only problem I see, which isn’t really a big deal, is that you need to spend at least $10 in order to use your debit card. But a dish is around $7 and with a tip it should total out to an even $10 anyway.

I know once you try a dish at Ciro’s you’ll be back. I’ve taken various friends who still talk about the food they ordered with stars in their eyes and drool falling from their gaping mouths. Yeah, it’s THAT good. But hey, judge for yourself. Check out Ciro’s Italian Deli and Restaurant. Tell them I sent you and maybe score me a free pizza, capiche?

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