NSU’s Oceanographic Center hosts first annual Mentorship Summit

NSU’s Oceanographic Center, will host its first annual Mentorship Summit on Jan. 20, from 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.

The purpose of the summit is to raise thought-provoking inquiry on the importance of mentoring in the scientific community.

Presenters at the summit will include: Ellen Kappel, president of Geosciences Professional Services, Inc. and the editor for The Official Magazine of the Oceanography Society; and Lorraine Breffni, director of Family Center Early Learning Programs at NSU’s Mailman Segal Center for Human Development.

The idea for the summit was generated from their first mentor round table discussion, which took place in October, 2011. The OC’s graduate peer mentorship program provides new graduate students with the tools they need to adjust to the NSU graduate program.

Jazmin Zea, peer mentor supervisor, said the mentorship program reinforces the mission of the university and helps new students adjust.

“I have truly enjoyed working with the mentors. Our mentorship program encompasses promoting collaboration, creating a feeling of belongingness to the university, establishing a supportive environment for new students and increasing NSU OC’s students’ morale by also reinforcing the goals, objectives and mission of NSU,” said Zea.

There are 26 mentors who interact with their mentees once a month to fuel active participation within the university.

Joyce Verela, mentor and administrative assistant at NSU, said, “I’m excited to be part of the mentorship program at the Oceanographic Center. The program provides ways of reaching out to new students and helping them transition into graduate school life. The program enhances the overall sense of community, and I’m glad that new students are able to connect with their fellow classmates.”

Mentor Sammy Woodward, second-year graduate student in marine biology, said that the program gives new students the opportunity to transition into graduate school as smoothly as possible.

“I enjoyed having the interaction with these students that I may have not crossed paths with otherwise and being able to be there for them to offer advice or my assistance if necessary,” said Woodward.

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