Tech Corner: 3 great apps to help you get a better education

If there is one thing a South Floridian loves more than sunshine, it’s a cell phone. No matter where you go: the movies, the beach or class, someone is on his or her phone doing some “business.” Well, more like updating his or her Facebook status. How about instead of informing your friends about what you think about your professor’s hair piece, why not use your phone to actually pass the class. Here are three apps for your android, iPhone and blackberry to help you do that.



CoursePro: Keep track of your courses, assignments and even grades with a simple to-do list that is designed with students in mind. This app allows you to include due dates for each assignment or homework, so you can stay on top of the onslaught of school work for only $2.99.

Kaplan GRE Exam Vocabulary: Possibly the greatest free app a prospective grad student could have. With more than 500 flashcards covering GRE vocabulary words you will quickly learn the words to help you on the verbal section of the GRE.

CampusBooks: There is nothing better than saving money, especially if you’re a student. CampusBooks is a great app to help save on those pesky books that eat away at your semester’s budget. With a price-comparison tool and barcode scanning tool, this powerhouse app is sure to come in handy for any thrifty-minded student consumer.



Stanza: With access to more than 30,000 classic books that are now in the public domain because of expired copyrights, Stanza is a must have for any book worm. The free app allows you access to the likes of Shakespeare, Dickens and much more while also keeping track of progress you’ve made in each novel. The app allows adjusting to text size, too which is a great way to keep yourself out of the optometrist.

DocumentsToGo: Accessing Microsoft Office files on an apple product isn’t exactly easy. But for a mere $9.99, DocumentsToGo will very quickly become worth the price, given the convenience. The app allows for downloading, editing and creating Microsoft documents (Word, Excel etc.), getting you quicker access to the lecture notes and that syllabus you keep forgetting.

Wikipanion: Wikipedia is something that should stay out of the classroom, so keep it on your phone. The online encyclopedia is a great place to start research on something you know nothing about, while pointing you in the right direction to properly find information. The app allows bookmarks and has the same simple search feature from the website.



MemTool: Visual learners take note: flashcards are your best friends. But who has time to write out all those cards? Enter MemTool. For $4.99, the app allows you to make your own flash cards on your phone. It uses an algorithm to determine what information you might forget the easiest, thus allowing you to study better.

Work Organizer: Having an efficient workflow requires a bit of effort that most students would rather outsource. For $3.99 you can keep yourself up to date on tests and homework while tracking your progress via graphs.

ChemLabPartner: Chemistry is by no means easy and it doesn’t get any easier if your chem partner is a slacker. With a temperature converter, a periodic table and even a molecular weight calculator, this $3.99 powerhouse of an app can do wonders for your grades and maybe keep the chemistry with your partner positive. 

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