The screening process has never been easier thanks to the Internet

There are some freaks out there — both in the positive and negative sense. Granted, I have been out of the dating scene for nearly six years, but I still manage to catch unfortunate dating horror stories from my single buddies. The best part of the whole tedious experience of going through step-by-step of what went wrong on what was supposed to be a “magical evening” is the inevitable roar of laughter that follows once I suggest pulling up the loser-in-question’s Facebook page.

Ladies and gentlemen, everyone knows that in order to make an informed decision (about anything, really) you have to do research. Otherwise, you’re just a blind, naïve sap on the verge of yet another bad experience.

Why should dating be any different? I want to know if you’re a psycho with too many cats, each named after a past lover, or if you have an obvious drinking problem and hit the clubs every night in search of booty. And what I’m really looking for is if that date-to-be has enough common sense to not display himself in a negative light when the world has him at its fingertips.

Stalking? Depends on how much you refresh their page and just how well you know their daily schedule (gym at 6 p.m. at LA Fitness? That means they’re wearing the blue sports bra today!). I’m not a stalker, and I am not promoting such a pitiful quality. But hey, check out who you’re about to embark on a date with before hitting the town. It’s only good advice. I don’t see why checking someone’s Facebook or Twitter or Googling them is such a hot button issue — like it or not, your information is out there for the world to see.

I don’t believe in blind dates. That’s just asking for trouble, and you never know just how sick of a sense of humor your friends may have or which one of them is out to get you for those embarrassing Facebook photos you tagged them in two years ago.

Sometimes drawing you-know-whats on your drunken compadre’s face can land you in dating hell. I’ve seen it happen (and laughed), and I am giving my most sincere advice, free of charge no less. Please, do your research this Valentine’s Day and avoid wasting your time, money and hopeful affections on someone who may very well throw your lifeless body in a ditch somewhere. Nah!

But seriously, do your research and go out there prepared, informed and ready to enjoy a night on the town without having to dread the next-day phone call.


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