Soccer coaches in friendly duel over upcoming European league match-up

AC Milan versus Arsenal. Two of the most prestigious clubs in Europe will be battling it out on the pitch in the round of 16 in the Champions League on Feb. 15 and Mar. 6. Just how is this matchup connected to the NSU community? Well, you’re about to find out.

Giuseppe DePalo, men’s soccer head coach, is a diehard AC Milan fan. Matthew Parry, assistant men’s soccer coach, is an avid Arsenal fan. Uh oh.

When they heard of the matchup between both teams, they immediately knew what it meant. DePalo said his reaction on hearing about the matchup was “utter bliss.”

Parry laughed when he first heard of the matchup.

“My first reaction was a bit of laughter, because of what I know it means in this office,” he said.

Both agreed it would not be a good idea to watch the games together.

“The building would probably collapse,” said Parry.

When it came to predictions, they each chose their team to come out victorious.

DePalo said, “We have the experience, and most of all we have Ibrahimovic. Arsenal’s got some pace and youth, but I think in the end our experience will see us through. At least, that’s what I hope.”

Parry said, “In terms of what the game’s going to provide, I think it’ll be an exciting game — two very good teams. Honestly, I’m going to say I fancy Arsenal to go through, especially as the second leg is in the Emirates this time.”

There won’t be any trash talking between the two, and more importantly, no friendly betting as well.

“No betting. We follow NCAA rules. I’m sure Ann Walker (associate athletic director for compliance) will be pleased to hear that,” said DePalo.

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