2012 style trends—straight from Mercedes Benz fashion week

From Feb. 9 — Feb. 16, the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week held 94 shows in New York City, featuring designers like Tory Burch, Michael Kors and Nicole Miller. Trend after trend were modeled down the runway — from peplum outfits to sport couture. But you may be asking: How can these trends fit into my everyday style? Here are the 2012 trends that everyone can wear:



        One of the biggest trends (that’s quickly becoming mainstream) is color blocking. When you “color block,” you match two or more bright colors together. For example, you are color blocking if you wear a pink shirt, with orange pants or if you mix turquoise and purple together. Color blocking is risky, but if you can pull it off, you’ll definitely make a statement.

        If that trend is too daring for you, you can also play with color by wearing one bright color or incorporating pops of color into your outfit. You can wear a bright colored top with a neutral pair of pants, or a bright colored pair of pants with a neutral top. Another great way to add color is to leave it to your accessories. Wear a bright colored piece of jewelry or shoes, or carry a bright colored purse.

        In addition to bright colors, sorbet-like hues and metallic colors are also in right now. If you have any of these colors hanging in your closet, break them out — you’re in style.



        Flower power is still a popular trend in 2012, but with a twist. Models were wearing tropical prints this year, like they vacationed in Hawaii. I’m not in love with this trend because I enjoy wearing more modern floral patterns, but if you can make a Hawaiian shirt work for you, more power to you.

        If you have a lot of floral patterned clothing in your closet, a great way to change it up for this year is to mix floral with stripes. This “pattern matching” is becoming increasingly popular, and, like color blocking, it’s a little risky. If this is too mix-and-match for you, you can always pair a playful print with a bright color, like a floral dress with bright colored tights.



        Though layering is difficult to do in South Florida without sweating to death, it’s a popular trend that can be tailored to our weather. A great way to layer in Florida is to wear a button down with a light sweater on top. The button down will pop out from under the sweater and you will create a great layered look.

        Layering can also be accomplished by mixing textures in your outfits. Your closet is probably full of numerous types of fabrics, like lace, knit, leather, cotton, etc. If you mix these fabrics, you create a different persona. Instead of just wearing your leather jacket with jeans (and looking like a rocker chick), wear your leather jacket with a lace dress. When you mix your clothing like this, you create a different style — a combination of rocker chick and romantic.

        Some of the 2012 fashion trends you see may be intimidating, but it’s all about tailoring those trends to your life. Color blocking and mixing patterns and textures may seem like trends you could never wear, but start slowly. By the end of the year, you may surprise yourself with what trends you’re wearing.

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