Don’t lose your focus – breeze through the final weeks of the semester

Let’s face it; we’re almost at the finish line of what was a very long school year. As we wind down to the remaining eight weeks of class our focus has, well, diminished since spring break. How can we recover from post-inebriation? We can’t. But here are some tips to help you attempt to keep your head in the game:


Feed yourself wisely

Sounds simple, right? Since most of us lost some brain cells over the break, we need to try and gain back what was lost. Put down the FOCUSFactor and spit out the Adderall. These foods taste way better and will give your brain the jolt it needs:

FISH – Load up on salmon. This stuff is brain gold. The Omega-3 fatty acids help you maintain focus and concentration.

NUTS – Can you believe these little guys help stimulate the brain? The protein found in nuts can help you stay focused and learn more effectively.

CAFFEINE – We’re all a little lost without the kiss of caffeine. Don’t give up on your daily coffee. Studies show that drinking a cup of coffee is believed to help stimulate the brain and make you feel more alert. Hate the taste of coffee? Try some Black Tea instead.

BLUEBERRIES – Can’t remember chapters one through…all of them? Grab a handful of blueberries to spark your memory. Studies show that blueberries fight off certain types of cancer, boost your immunity and are chock full of antioxidants – these wonder fruits can also make you to stay focused longer and over time will strengthening your memory.

NATURAL SUGAR – Splenda won’t save you now. Grab your favorite fruit and munch until you remember all the facts and figures you should’ve mastered two months ago. Natural sugar can only be found in fruit/fruit juices and can promote alertness in the brain. Eat an orange while you study. What can it hurt?


Give the world a chance to miss you for a bit

Who can concentrate on anything with the likes of Facebook, Twitter and texting? I dare you to venture into complete solitude for a couple of hours (no, sleeping doesn’t count) to regain yourself. Turn off everything and work on one task. Doing this builds your focus and concentration, which you’ll need for finals.


Plan, organize and stick to it (at least for a few weeks)

Write out a list of your most imperative tasks and check them off once you finish. It also helps to set a “goal time” in which you hope to be done. By doing this, you’re programming your brain to focus only on what is important and, hopefully, try to block out what isn’t.


If all else fails, it’s time to whip out the apps

If it has come to this, then listen up. Use technology to your advantage. There are multiple apps available for your computer, iPhone and Android that are designed to help you regain your focus.

Evernote – will help you create organized lists that you can view on your computer or on your phone.

Get Focused! The Rainy Method – gives you a pep talk while playing the soothing sound of a rainy day.

Stay On Task – a timer that goes off randomly checking to see if you’re doing what you’re supposed to.

Get your brain moving again (the healthy way) and finish off the semester to the best of your ability.

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