Diary of… a musician and radio host

Daniel E. Urdaneta is a communication studies major. His hobbies include swimming, racquetball, going to the beach and playing with his dog. Daniel’s favorite quote is “Always follow your heart and intuition, somehow they already know what you want to become,” by Steve Jobs.

I tattooed “family, music and success” on my left arm because they are the most important things in my life. I always knew music was my passion, but it was not until I turned 21 that I realized music production would be my career.

My interest in music all began when I was a kid. I used to lock myself in my bedroom and steal my mom’s broom to build myself a microphone. I would use my bed and pillows as a drum set when I started taking drum lessons. The first instrument I learned to play was the drum set, but also loved the sound of chords and melodies coming out from a piano and guitar—they seem like they can write a song without saying a word.

There was always a guitar in my house and one day I tried to make sounds come from it. However, there wasn’t “YouTube” or “Google” then to search for chords, and I was too lazy to take guitar lessons, but 10 years later I finally did. Now, I go to the piano lab at NSU and lock myself in the big room with the lights off and have a relaxing writing session.

A music career was always my dream, even though my dad was an engineer and my mom was a teacher. I’m from Venezuela, and selecting music as a career there doesn’t yield more than teaching music theory or playing an instrument. So, I decided to study business, but after I earned my associate in science degree in business administration I changed paths.

After completing my associates, I found a Music Business Creative Production degree at Miami Dade College. The business side of it, I did not like too much, but I figured it was a better way to go. After two years, I graduated and had the chance to do an internship in a great recording studio in Miami, Audio Vision Studios. At the same time, I was the drummer of a rock band, which was very successful for about two years until we broke up. Then, I started producing different music in the Miami area.

Libertad Condicional, which is considered my first and most dedicated project, was a fundraising initiative in which 12 different local artists participated. Further from being professionally satisfied, I was personally pleased with the results knowing that all the funds were sent to a foundation for poor children in Venezuela.

2011 was a great year. I was finally able to finish my music portfolio and put it up on my website, www.DanielURdaneta.com. Also, I had the honor to work with some local artists and record some great hits! Moreover, I put together 305RadioShow, a window for local artist to show off their talent and their music.

Because of my creative spirit and my enthusiastic attitude, I’m always looking to be innovative to keep myself and other people entertained.  In 2012, I knew I could tie my music production skills with radio and TV, so I decided to start at NSU and complete a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies. Additionally, I knew there was a radio station at the university and wanted to join immediately.

I started working at RadioX as an intern and after a month I was assigned my own radio show: Acoustic Sessions. Three weeks later, I became the music director.

When I want something, I picture myself doing it, write it down and go for it. I love the phrase, “You can never fail doing something you love to do, and eventually you will succeed.”

So many people ask me what is it exactly that I do. I proudly respond: “I’m a music producer, radio host and music director for a radio station.”

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