2012’s trendy hairstyles

A hairstyle can define a person. For this reason, people spend hundreds of dollars to get the perfect hair style. People will go to extreme lengths to protect their hair. Some only allow one person, whom they trust, to do their hair and have gone to the same barber or hairstylist for years. However, going to the same stylist for a long time can leave you with the same hairstyle. So to help you mix it up, here are trendy hairstyles to rock in 2012.


1. Semi-shaggy hairstyle

This short duo is perfect for ladies on the go. It is easy to dress up and dress down depending on the activity. In order to perfect this look, use highlights to give it more of an edge. The length of hair in front should frame the face defining the shape of the face. This style fits well with those who have oval or round shaped heads.


2. Long, dreamy, beach-styled hair

Since summer is around the corner this hairstyle is perfect for tanning on the beach. To achieve that “back from the beach look” without actually swimming in the ocean, you can follow the instructions below. Be sure to  use heat protecting serums so you don’t damage your hair.

• Towel dry your hair so it is not completely dry. Add styling cream from the roots to the ends.

• Twist 4-5 in. medium sections on your head and blow dry the sections downward while twisting the hair. Be sure the blow dryer is not directly touching your hair. To give it more volume, scrunch up the hair while the blow dryer is on a low setting.

• To define the curls more, wrap smaller sections of the hair around a curling iron.


3. Going natural

More and more African-American women have stopped using chemical straighteners (relaxers) and are sporting their natural tresses.  This transition is usually referred to as a “hair journey.” One important step in this transition is called the “Big Chop,” when the individual cuts off all the relaxed sections of their hair. There are 1,001 ways to style natural hair, but the most popular style is the fro-hawk. You only need two things to style this look: moisturizer and bobby pins.

• Moisturizer is the key ingredient in keeping up with natural hair. It is needed to give the hair life and body. To moisturize the hair, part the hair in the appropriate amount of sections depending on the thickness of the hair.

• Once the hair is moisturized, smooth the sides to the desirable length then pin with bobby pins. When the pin is in place fluff the top to give it more of a statement, and the style is complete.

Ladies are not the only ones that go style crazy when it comes to their hair. Men are expanding their looks as well. They have moved from rat-tails and mullets to more fashion forward looks and these are the most popular styles of 2012.


1. Brit-Rock Indie hairstyle

This look is very popular and has been given many names, but one does not necessarily need to be British or a rocker pull it off. This look is suitable with straight to slightly curly hair, and recommended for those who have oval to long shaped faces. To give the hair some texture, layer the front on the side that suits the individual’s face.


2. Good old-fashioned tape  

This is for the guys who like to keep their hair short and clean. Of course, it also means going to the barber more often, but that is necessary for the up keep of this style. A fresh tape is easy to spot because the look defines the person’s face. The tape is generally for those who have a round to square shaped face.  This look is mostly associated with the African-American men, but it can be used on anyone who wants to bring out their look with a clean finish.



3. Short waves/short curls

The texture of the hair plays an important role in pulling off this look. Though the degree of curls depends on the person, the hair will be shorter on the sides and longer on top. However, because curly hair is prone to frizz. Be sure to have curl control cream handy.

This generation is starting to move past going to the salon and asking for a celebrity’s hairstyle. People want to be their own person and have their own style. So try out some of these 2012 styles and hopefully you will make a statement this year.

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