A sweet treat: Dandee Donuts Factory

Located at:

102 North 28th Ave.
Hollywood, FL
or 1900 East Atlantic Blvd.Pompano Beach, FL

Are you on your way to work, about to start your day, or just not ready for class yet? Well then, if you’re like me you probably go right to the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, or if by some miracle, a Krispy Kreme. There is nothing like an instant jolt of energy by way of a huge coffee and some sort of delicious confection to help settle in to the thought of having to spend 10 hours at school.

Do yourself a favor, skip right past all of those corporate franchise coffee houses and treat yourself to some all-American small business at the Dandee Donuts Factory. I wouldn’t normally be as so bold as to call myself a “donut connoisseur,” but I definitely know my way ‘round a donut. Having searched for the perfect piece of circular pastry for the past year, I have to admit that these are the best donuts in South Florida.

For years I swore by Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Donuts, but when I compare them to Dandee Donuts it really makes it seem like my past donut experiences were just a waste of time.

When walking into a Dandee Donuts, your attention is instantly pulled to the rows of sweet smelling pastries lined up on the wall. As your mouth begins to water you can’t help but notice the large menu above the racks staring back at you, omelettes, croissants, and even full brekfast meals all compete for your attention . Suddenly, you start making compromises, “They have pancakes! Oh, I can be 10 minutes late for class.”

Be warned: It is easy to spend a few hours over breakfast there. You might want to treat yourself over the weekend, or catch an early morning breakfast there when you have time.

Unfortunately, you also do need some time to visit one of these fine franchises because they are not very close to campus. But with unique donuts like Key Lime-filled or chocolate cream cheese, it is easy to see why tourists and locals flock to the shops in search of their morning breakfast.

If donuts aren’t you’re thing, then I would suggest some of the more traditional breakfasts. The biscuits and gravy is something to die for. The breakfast sandwiches are great (and they even have hot sauce to put on them, yum), and if you like pancakes then you’re in for a treat.

It is disappointing to know that so many people are missing out on such a great place. It is truly a hidden gem of South Florida that needs to tasted. I highly recommend trying it  at least once in your lifetime. With their low prices you won’t regret it.

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