The Food Bar: The New King of Shark Dining

To those who remember the Culinary Table, I hope you enjoyed your final meal there because it has been replaced by Food Bar. The Food Bar offers several dining options which are desperately needed at the food court. The Culinary Table offered students a prefixed menu of limited variety. If you did not like what they served that day you were simply out of luck and forced to dine elsewhere. With the Food Bar, you get the opportunity to choose from a wide and rich menu. Anyone who dines at the Food Bar will immediately notice the variety of food they offer, first glances will remind customers of the Chicken Grill or Greens etc. but the similarities end there. The Food Bar offers a wide selection of options starting with protein, then moving to vegetables and toppings, sauces, and finishing with side dishes. Each option offers choices that meet any dietary needs; it’s easy to have a vegan meal or one loaded with chicken or steak. Either way once your preferred foods are selected, and your sauce chosen, your food is passed to a chef, who cooks your food, right there for you to see. The fact that they do this, makes the Food Bar the most enjoyable and tasty restaurant on campus. There is no need to worry about how long the food you’ve been served has sat under a hot lamp before you were served. You only enjoy your warm meal, prepared to your taste.

An interesting fact to note about the Food Bar, is that the menu will be changed every three weeks, bringing new foods for students to try. The best part about this new system is that, students will get the opportunity to vote on what foods they want to see at the Food Bar on the Shark Dining Facebook page. So when you want Indian food make sure to vote for it and make sure to get all your friends to vote for it as well. To keep the options varied students need to be vocal about their desires. This system also makes it difficult for students to complain about a lack of variety when they are able to vote to bring what they want to eat to campus.

For the first three weeks the theme of the food bowl will be Asian cuisine. The theme for the three weeks after that will be Italian. After the Italian theme, students will get to choose the next theme for the Food Bar. You can be sure that whatever theme you choose, they will always be healthy.


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