Restaurant Review: Knucklehead Burgers

I thoroughly enjoy eating good food. When I heard the name Knucklehead Burgers, I immediately thought of a typical guy’s sports bar and grill with really big burgers. But, when I walked in it seemed more like a classy sophisticated Burger King. It was very clean and the employees were very nice and helpful.

 It’s a relaxing environment with music playing quietly in the background and a couple of flat screen TVs tuned into Sports Center hanging on the wall. As inviting as the environment was, I was there for one reason; to try one of these ginormous and mouthwatering burgers pictured in the advertisements.

 It was hard to choose from all the enticing types of burgers, sandwhiches and other menu items — “El Loko Kalliente” (spicy burger with jalapeños), “Rise and Shiner” (burger with a fried egg), “Knuckle Lickin Chicken” (chicken sandwich), Wings they even have salads and veggie burgers. But, the burger that caught my eye was the Rodeo Burger. The Rodeo Burger costs $7.99 and comes with a thick slab of pecan bacon, melted sharp cheddar cheese, one very large onion ring and topped with BBQ sauce. I ordered a coke to accompany my rodeo, which brought my total to $10.42, which was reduced to $9.43 after my 10 percent Shark Card discount. After I ordered and paid, the cashier gave me a number and I sat down at a table to await the arrival of my rodeo.

 After five or ten minutes, my burger arrived. The advertisements were not misleading in any way. I had to smush it in order eat it like a normal burger. Once I got it down to bitable size, I began chomping.

 The bun was very soft and tasted almost like potato bread. The burger meat was very thick and juicy; you could tell the burgers are handmade with high quality meat. The cheese was melty and delicious. My only complaint would be the BBQ sauce. I was expecting a strong hickory flavor but I found myself double checking to make sure it even had BBQ sauce because the sauce was so lacking in flavor.

 I give Knucklehead Burgers a 7 out of 10. The burgers are not overly priced considering the quality of the food. I will make this a weekly lunch spot. I’d have to be a knucklehead not to. Knucklehead burgers is located at 4900 S. University Drive Suite 100 Davie, FL 33328


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