Snag an internship or a full-time job at a Fortune 500 Company

The NSU internship and job fair will take place on Sept.25, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., at the Don Taft University Center.

Over 40 companies will be attending, most of them Fortune 500 companies, all recruiting for internship and full time positions. This event is open to all NSU students and alumni.

Diane Klein, assistant director of internships, said that NSU organizes two job fairs every year — one in the fall, and another in the winter. The event is held early in the semester because this is when recruiters do their fall recruitment

“They will also be recruiting for summer internships,” Klein said, “So it is very important that students who are seeking summer 2013 internships attend because most of the recruiters do all their recruitment in the fall and start interviewing for their internship opportunities towards the end of the semester.”

Students are expected to come to the fair professionally dressed and with their resumes. They also need their NSU SharkCards or their N numbers to be registered at the event.

Klein said that students who do not have resumes and need help creating one should go to the office of career development to meet with a career adviser. The career development office is located on the 4th floor of Alvin Sherman Library, Room 4036.

Frank White, senior business administration major, said that he is really excited about the fair and the number of companies that will be attending.

White said that from the list of companies and organizations attending, he is interested in working with Can’t Stomach Cancer: The Foundation of Debbie’s Dream, an organization that deals with the eradication of cancer.

“I am also interested in Enterprise Inc. and TD Bank as well, because they are solid companies that have corporate history,” he said.

Luisa Garcia, RN – MSN, said that it is really nice that NSU is organizing an internship and job fair because students are always looking for something on the side to do, and everyone needs internships.

“Somebody might be thinking of switching careers, and having so many different companies at the fair will open people’s minds and give them opportunities to meet other employees and employers.” Garcia said.

Klein said that internships are very important.

“A degree, today, without experience is like getting on a bus without $1.25 to pay the fee. You need to have some experience on your resume so employers look at you. It really gives you a leg up,” she said.

She said that recent research by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) found that 32% of college graduates from 2012 had jobs lined up after graduation, and this same 32% had internship and work experience on their resume.

“The internship area is growing.  Since the economy isn’t doing that great, it’s been affecting full-time employment, but not affecting internship opportunities as much. So students are still able to get opportunities, get good experience, and either get hired by the company they’re doing the internship with or use that as an opportunity to get into other organizations,” Klein said.

She said that NSU has worked really hard this year to bring employers who offer opportunities to international students as well, and  they are also encouraged to attend.

“Internships will really provide international students with great work experience, and it will give them a leg up to hopefully stay in this country and find sponsorship,” Klein said.

Many of the employers will be hiring for internships and Optional Practical Training (OPT), which gives international students the opportunity to work for a year without needing to acquire a work H-1B visa.

Andre Smith, MBA student and international student, said that he is happy about the job fair and the opportunity it offers to international students.

“I have been in a position where I finished my undergraduate degree and, because I’m an international student, it was hard to get a job, and that’s part of the reason why I decided to further my education,” Smith said. “However, I know how the job fair has helped some international students get jobs.”

He hopes that NSU will continue organizing such events and that international students will take advantage of the opportunity.

Klein said that the job fair is not only for seniors or graduate students.  She said that students, especially freshmen and sophomores, should not be intimidated when they hear career fair or job fair. It is important for all students.

“Even students who may not be looking for an internship or a full-time position this year are still encouraged to attend, to get a feeling of what employers are looking for, in order to make themselves more marketable for the future,” Klein said.

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